Digital Tracking On Cars/Motorcycles

President Yoweri Museveni has directed that every ride and motor cycle in Uganda must be have a digital tracker to reduce on crime.

Museveni while delivering his budget speech directed the newly appointed state Minister for Internal affairs ans Gen David Muhoozi to ensure that crime is investigated in a timely manner.

Digital Tracking On Cars/Motorcycles

this morning I was talking to the New Minister of Internal affairs and I asked him what happened to my project ,I have told him to check what happened.”he said

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Museveni said he 1st made the directive in 2018 when the country had registered an increase in the number of killings involving key prominent personalities.

Museveni noted that a lot of time wasted trying to locate the criminals yet they can be found easily with a tracking device.

”Every vehicle & motorcycle must have a digital monitor. If you try to remove it, we shall go for you. It will show us where you at any one time. As soon as there is a crime, we go. I don’t want any wasting time in investigations.