Faridah Nakazibwe swears to work hand in hand with police to enforce curfew on defiant bar owners

Last Sunday Sevo ordered the closure of schools and the suspension of non-essential travel between districts in an attempt to stem out a worrying trend in the rise in Covid-19 cases in the East African country in recent weeks.

Sevo banned bars and happening places

Schools were to close beginning Monday for six weeks and mass gatherings were banned, with an exception for weddings and funerals that are only allowed with a limited number of people.

Starting from Thursday 10th June, only emergency, tourist and vehicles transporting goods are allowed to travel from one district to another.

The curfew currently in place from 21:00 to 05:30 has been maintained until mid-July.

Shops and markets remain open, provided they comply with government health regulations, but bars remain closed.

The weekly open market days and church services also remain suspended.

Faridah Nakazibwe

However NTV Luganda News anchor Faridah Nakazibwe notes that there are some defiant bar owners who have kept their business open to date! Taking to her Twitter account, Faridah Nakazibwe has vowed to pump sense in those culprits’ head personally.

The sexy media personality tweeted;

“Starting tomorrow, if I pass by your bar on my way home and there are signs it’s open to drunkards, I will not stop at alerting the police, I will personally supervise the raid. Please don’t pay me. Drink from your homes please.”, she said.

Uganda had adopted strong measures to fight the Covid-19 epidemic as early as March 2020 and the country has relatively been spared from the virus but infections have been increasing in recent weeks, as well as the number of severe cases and death.

The new restrictions will remain in place for a period of 42 days. Assessment will be conducted to determine if the restrictions can be renewed or not.