Sexy diva Pia Pounds are Abryanz are bonking tubeless.

With what started as a normal friendship, it has now been taken a notch higher.

Pia Pounds is one of the few local celebrities that always received maximum attention from Abryanz at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

Many thought the fashion king was just caring for a friend and indeed it was true.

However, things went south and what was just a friendship turned into a bonking relationship.

A fortnight ago, Pia Pounds just like other celebrities like Spice Diana and Judith Heard shared photos in Abryanz’s new clothing line, #WhenNoOneIsWatching.

The photos went viral on social media platforms because of their uniqueness but for Pia Pounds, they have gone from just photos to a lifestyle. She dons them at every event.

We have now learnt that she is putting in extra effort for the love. She is supporting her man so that they can be successful together.


The news of sexy Pia Pounds and Abryanz bonking has for the past few weeks been swirling around town but it was never proved until they took it to social media.

On Pia Pounds’s post, Abryanz commented with love emojis only to be responded to with the same and even more.