Prophet Elvis Mbonye has always been clear about the “new normal” on a number of occasions.

For all that have been waiting for what men of God have to say about the current COVID-19 plight, well Prophet Elvis posted a coded message to this effect on his social media platforms.

The post read, “How can we dissolve this so-called “new normal” reality? By becoming another reality and expressing that reality within this one. The “new normal” cannot survive the dynamic onslaught of supernatural Truth, of Faith, of Hope and of Love. In the words of the Lord Jesus, the supernatural order of Truth/Reality always frees the prisoners.” Posted Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Zoe Ministries.

prophet mbonye

Quite obvious is that he points us to the Biblical truths; faith, hope, and love. He is also strongly against the “new normal”, a fact he’s made clear on a number of occasions. “I will not acquiesce to the devil’s new normal. There’s only one normal I know. It’s the word of God,” he said on during his honour celebrations last year on 1st September.

Where we still need the Holy Spirit to guide us is on; “…becoming another reality and expressing that reality within this one (the new normal).

See the post below.