Family Throws out Covid 19 Suspect

In a desperate move to avoid contracting the deadly covid19 virus,a family decided to isolate their Son in the bush after he started showing symptoms.

Locals in Kangole Sub County , Bukedea district were surprised to learn that the teenage son was living in the bush after he developed a sudden cough.

Micheal Moses Ocan the area LC says the Covid 19 suspect had recently traveled home from Kampala where he was studying when he presented Covid 19 like symptoms including a cough ,fever and runny nose.

Out of panic,the family members decided to isolate the boy in the bush for fear of contracting the virus.

“When the family discovered that he had signs of the virus, they agreed to isolate him in the bush. He also accepted since his body was not normal”, Ocan told police.  

Family Throws out Covid 19 Suspect

He says the family whose names have been witheld have since been checking on and treating the boy from the bush.

He is now being treated in the bush where he is provided with everything including food. His samples were picked by the district task force to confirm whether he is negative or positive.” Ocan says.

Geoffrey Okiswa, the Bukedea Resident District Commissioner expalins that lack of isolation centers in the district has led to circumstances like this.

“As a district, we do not have an isolation center and funds but we are working hard to reach people in the community to educate them on the dangers of the virus”, said Okiswa.

It is not yet clear what ailment the covid19 suspect is being treated for considering he has not tested for the virus as yet.

The Bukedea District authorities say the community doesn’t have have testing kits to check if a suspect is positive or negative .

Also lack of isolation centers has led to an increase in suspected cases upcountry because most families live in large numbers and share one room.