Police Bags Over 300m

One could say Police is doing its job right in curbing the spread of Covid 19 following the presidential directives.

In Kampala metropolitan ,police has staged roadblocks at strategic points to capture motorists found flouting the covid 19 directives .

On Friday the president Yoweri Museveni froze all private and public transportation for 42 days with an exemption to essential workers .

The president instructed that this category of people be allowed to move with identification and stickers that will be provided by the Ministry of transport and works.

Police Bags Over 300m

However,despite the directives , a section of people have been arrested and their vehicles impounded for riding without identification ,during curfew and carrying passengers.

In a statement released on Tuesday by Police,spokesperson Fred Enanga indicated that close to 857 arrests have been made countrywide.

He adds that 600 cars and 2,762 motorcycles were impounded and have been fined Shs100,000 and Shs 40.000 each respectively in EPS tickets.

So far 493 cars have been cleared while 107 are still pending clearance, also 2430 were issued with EPS tickets, 332 are still pending clearance.

With this,police hopes to squeeze millions from defiant motorists.

In just 2 weeks ,Police has already collected Shs330.3 million in fines from motorists defying COVID-19 restrictions countrywide.