Essential Workers Without Identification

Police says they will continue to impound vehicles belonging to essential workers without identification.

The revelation was made by Luke Owoyesigirye the Kampala metropolitan deputy mouthpiece following the release of over 400 vehicles that were impounded on Monday.

Owoyesigirye says the vehicles were impounded because the drivers lacked the identification to recognize them as essential workers.

He also says, many private vehicles are still being spotted seen roads in several parts of Kampala without identification.

He says that since the government is yet to distribute stickers, the essential workers should move in branded company cars to avoid being inconvenienced by security personnel. 

On Friday President Yoweri Museveni reinstated a full lockdown banning Public and Private transportation, and bringing down the curfew time to 7:00 pm from 9:00 pm. 

Essential Workers Without Identification

He announced that only essential workers like those in the health, Utility, security and media among others will be allowed on the road. Further guidance will come from the Office of the Prime Minister.

However, many private vehicles were seen on the road in several parts of Kampala, hours after the president announced the new lockdown measures.

However, Owoyesigirye says that the police will not release the other fifty vehicles that were also impounded on Monday.

According to Owoyesigirye, the owners were not essential workers. He adds that the vehicles shall be returned to their owners at the end of the lockdown