Sheeba was first spotted in that particular swim costume in 2014 during the ‘no offence’ video shoot. The video featured Beenie Gunter.

For close to a decade, Sheeba Karungi has top of her career. During this time, she has released top hits, performed on some of the biggest stages won big awards, and bagged big endorsement deals.

But like they say, all that glitters is not gold, the diva’s wardrobe could have openly betrayed her.

A few days ago, Sheebah posted a photo on her social media platform dressed in a swimming costume and sweatpants.

The photo went viral majorly because of the sarcastic caption she chose to give it.

However, our data bases were quick to notify us that the swim costume in the photo had been used 7 years ago.

Sheebah recycled a costume she used in her “No Offence” video featuring Beenie Gunter back in 2014. This is totally unacceptable for a superstar of her status especially that her fashion sense has always been exceptional.

It should be noted that by then, Sheebah was just starting a new chapter of a new career a year after TNS boss Jeff Kiwa signed her while Beenie Gunter was fresh from High School and needed the collabo to be a stepping stone to his career.

Majority of her followers were yet to notice it by press time.

The video was shot by Savy Film’s Sasha Vybz. Watch it here.