The List of these babes has been compiled with comprehensive research from reliable sources.

A few days ago, Eddy Kenzo paraded a new babe called Bella Myra Bakhresa who is 24 year old.

The beautiful babe is the daughter of a Tanzanian businessman known as Said Salim Bakhresa, the CEO of Bakhresa Group of Companies that includes Azam Media, Azam Beverages, Azam Grain Millers among others.

From our reliable sources, Kenzo and Myra are planning on legalising their bonking sessions since they are already living under the same roof.

Because of this, we have compiled a full list of babes who are believed to have bonked Kenzo and hoping to net him and make it legal but failed only to resort to admiring Myrah Bella.

Rema dated Eddy Kenzo for close to five years until she broke up with him while crying premium tears. They two were blessed with a baby girl.

Fortunately, Rema managed to find love in Hamzah Ssebunya, a certified city “Muzinnyi” who is an expert at clinically treating private parts.

Lydia Jazmine
From our reliable sources, Lydia Jazmine was heavily behind Eddy Kenzo and Rema’s breakup.

She was the driving force that made Kenzo lose interest in his baby mama but instead opt for her delicious beans that she was willing to serve to him anytime he wanted.

Their relationship also ended in premium tears.

Pia Pounds.
Pia Pounds signed for Big Talent to get closer to her favourite cassava. They bonked and bonked tubelessly until the BET Award Winner decided to find another babe to satisfy him.

Precious Remmy
She is one of our very own and we can’t shy away from including her on this list. That would be very unfair and the list would be incomplete without her.
She was at one time very inseparable from Kenzo and sources in the corridors always suggested that she was set to replace Rema.
She however failed miserably and Kenzo took off after bonking.

Martha Kay
She is also known as the queen of deforestation in Uganda. Without any single doubt, Martha Kay is one of the ladies any dude in Uganda would love to bonk.
Eddy Kenzo was lucky to land in her big and succulent thighs. Their bonking had no strings attached and they happily moved on although we are sure she still wishes to be in Myra’s position at the moment.

Not much was known between the two. However, our reliable source informed us that they had a one night stand at one of the city hotels on the same day Oliver Nakakande was crowned Miss Uganda. There were no strings attached but we are sure Etania wishes to be in Bella’s position.

Fifi Parker
She is a new entrant on this huge list. She is currently one of the sexiest TV presenters in Uganda.
Eddy Kenzo’s bond with the STV family landed her into his nets and he bonked her without a second thought. There were no strings attached despite the fact that they are still in contact.

Lynda Ddane
The NTV presenter is so close to Eddy Kenzo but behind the scenes. Recently, a video of the two in a cuddling position went viral online. We can assure you, that is just a quick pick from their bedroom archives.

Haffy Powers
When Haffy Powers was still the PRO at Club Amnesia, Eddy Kenzo frequented the posh hangout joint just to enjoy a glimpse at her succulent body.
The two had an on-and-off relationship behind the scenes that saw them bonk tubeless.
Haffy later hooked up NTV’s Esco and they moved in together in Kabowa before she recently shifted to areas of Salaama Road. Who knows, maybe she intended to just move closer to Eddy Kenzo in order to net him and take him to her paradise once again. She was recently on TV ranting and bashing Eddy’s new catch.
She must be hurting thanks to Myra.

This is no surprise on the list. During her time at the Serena Based NTV, Sheila always fought hard to have Eddy Kenzo’s music play with ease.
The reason was simple, she enjoyed his cassava, and playing his music always made her happy.
She later hooked up South Africa-based Face Off but things failed to work out.
With her evident love for money, she is dating a broke guy in Rickman. She must be hurting by the fact that she is not dating Eddy Kenzo because he has bigger pockets. This means she is not happy with Myra.