Rema Ssebunya Namakula fans call for an emergency crisis meeting amidst social media attacks.

Since Eddy Kenzo’s new catch Myra Bella went public, there have been comparisons between her and Rema Namakula.

The comparisons that seem to be in Myra Bella’s favor are just comparisons but also insults and attacks launched towards the “siri muyembe” singer who ditched award-winning Eddy Kenzo who doubles as Big Talent boss for a one Hamzah Ssebunya who is a certified female genitalia doctor.

Since Rema hooked up her “dream” man in Ssebunya, she has been bossing up Social Media and giving Eddy Kenzo sleepless nights but the tables have turned against them and Eddy Kenzo is enjoying the massive victory.

Because of this, Rema Namakula’s top fans have called for a crisis meeting to counter the heat against their diva on social media.

Rema & Hamza

The meeting expected to sit this Sunday at one of the top city hotels they haven’t identified will be directed towards finding a perfect strategy to counter the insults directly towards them.

We shall keep following up and update you about the progress of the meeting but for now, we leave the ball to you to choose on who is better between Myra Bella and Rema Namakula.