As Netizens are still murmuring about Dianah Nabatanzi’s tape, John Blaq has also joined the debate.

John Blaq video tape excites Netizens
John Blaq video tape excites Netizens

Last week Dianah Nabatanzi was forced to go into hiding after her bedminton tape with ex-lover leaked on internet. It was alleged that the sassy media personality detoothed him like how she did to tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesa and left him lamenting.

However it turned to be another babe in the clip not the multi-talented BBS TV presenter. Our team verified it already!

Nabatanzi went to her Facebook page and broke the silence but without clearing her name.

“A wise woman knows her shit, and a smart woman knows she has none,” she captioned the pic on Facebook after video gone viral. 

Enter John Blaq….

JB is the latest victim to trend on internet over the same issue. A clip has surfaced and a section of Netizens believe one of the persons in the tape is Mr. Ayabass! In this clip a guy, wearing shades can be seen unleashing his Waya on a talented prey on a Decker. The prey can be heard also singing beautiful songs for him as the nice game continues.

But one thing has disappointed those who have had a chance of watching clip is the guy’s Zzina Skills. Most of them claim that his skills are for amateurs.

John Blaq tape trending
John Blaq tape trending

However with fairness, the guy in the tape might be just a John Black look-alike because babes who have ever played the game with the singer claim that his ‘Bubadi’ skills are much better!

Should we unleash the video here?