Excited England Fan Removes All His Clothes Hours Before Kick Off Time As He Showed Support For The Home Team

Yesterday night the world witnessed how the Azuris from Italy became the undisputed Kings of Europe after deservingly defeating England in penalty shoot outs.

The prior to the penalties which ended 3-2 in favour of Italy, the game had stalled at a one all draw through out the ninety minutes.

However it is not what happened on the pitch yesterday night that drew the attention of social media but rather the crazy and excited England fans that had burried themselves in booze long before the game had began.

One fan in particular caught the attention of tweeps after a video of him erotically dancing with no clothes surfaced on the light blue App.

In the video,the seemingly drunk and happy fan is seen dancing while showing off his dangling whopper to his fellow excited revelers. The clip has since gone viral with many people questioning the current state of mind of that particular fan now that England has lost to Italy


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