Diamond’s dad Mzee Abdul noted he is nowhere near interested in testing out his son’s new ride

Diamond Platnumz has been on a spending spree in recent months and is now a proud owner of an Escalade and Rolls-Royce, among other posh rides. Despite all of this, Abdul is not interested in the material things in the world and says he has already seen it all.

During a short interview with a Tanzanian blog Bongo Touch, the old man was quizzed on why he did not want to ride in his son’s car, the Rolls Royce, which are very few in the country. In his response, Abdul claimed the only thing he believes to be few are coffins, which you might get many people to carry you, or way less or ride in a car. He said it was the only thing remaining in his life as he had seen it all.

“That is the only thing that is remaining for me because there is nothing that I have not used. I’m just waiting for my coffin and go saying (a prayer),” he said. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRdqsMGDGbR/

Diamond’s dad

This could only mean that the old man is looking forward to his death, which is a bit mysterious for someone who still has a lot to give.

Diamond’s new ride

Diamond kept assuring his fans and followers that his Rolls Royce was coming, and this, he made true on Wednesday, July 14, morning when his Metallic Blue Rolls Royce Cullinan was delivered to his compound.

To prove his financial might, the singer received his ride and drove it into his compound by himself.

Also, to celebrate the arrival of his multi-million Rolls Royce, Diamond took to Instagram and shared a video of himself sitting on top of the fancy ride. Next to his new ride were other expensive cars to which he had earlier claimed ownership.