For close to four months now, Diamond and his trusted longest-serving manager Jorge Mendez alias Sallam SK haven’t been spotted together as it’s always been the norm for over a decade.

Reports are that the two no longer enjoy a good rapport, which is why they haven’t been seen together lately.

Neither Diamond nor Sallam has revealed the details of the tension between them, leaving room for rumors to thrive.

Described as the nuts and bolts to the successes of Diamond’s music career and business empire, self-titled El Jefe (The Boss) Sallam has been missing in all essential functions and events headlined by Diamond.

In the last few months, this obvious absence has caught fans’ attention on social media.

A fortnight ago, when Diamond expanded the reach of his Wasafi Media company to Zanzibar with a much-talked-about launch ceremony on the island, Sallam wasn’t present.

Ironically, the very week former WCB signee Harmonize had a show in Zanzibar,  Sallam showed up, and the two were caught on video having a good time together.

Blogs in Tanzania have widely reported that Sallam would be looking to take up the leadership of Harmonize’s music label Konde Gang, which is currently on its deathbed having lost key signees less than three years since signing them.

Babu Tale, another of Diamond’s managers, has laughed off the claims of Sallam decamping and heading to Harmonize’s camp.

“Who would do that? I mean, would you ever leave the Wasafi empire for Konde Gang, come on that’s laughable. Away with the rumours, as far as I know, Sallam is still part of the Diamond Managers team which also includes Said Fella.”

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In Tale’s eyes, the beef squashing between Sallam and Harmonize, when they embraced at his show, was the best thing he had seen in a while. For the longest time, the two could not see eye to eye.

“Tanzanians love to see people fight, but nothing makes them happier than to see Sallam and Harmonize embrace and squash their beef. I mean I was so badly hurt when they refused to shake hands during my wife’s burial back in June 2020.”

But even as Tale remains coy over the friction between his colleague and their boss Diamond,  sources from Dar es Salaam, reveal disagreement over a business venture is the reason the two aren’t on the same page anymore.

“Sallam SK recently launched a radio station Mjini FM in Dar es Salaam where he is a major shareholder and Diamond wasn’t pleased with all. He sees the move as a direct competition to his Wasafi business; he wanted him to stand down but Sallam declined.”

Besides handling musicians’ portfolios, Sallam is a well-known shrewd businessman interested in various sectors from transport to media. The gifted negotiator is the owner of the Dizzim Media channel.

He has also managed rapper AY and the Navy Kenzo duo. The three singers are among the richest artists in Tanzania.