Around April this year, we reported how Zzinacologist, Dr Hamza Ssebunya had finally ballooned wife, Rema Namakula.

Hamza upped his Zzina skills process by process and successfully planted a live seed in Rema’s fertile womb after snatching her from BET Award winner, Eddy Kenzo.

The good news is, the seed germinated and sooner this year, the power couple will welcome their first bundle of joy Inshallah.

A few days back heavily pregnant Rema together with her prince charming were spotted by a Muzzinyi, a one Mukisa Suuna at a hospital in Naguru. Suuna intimated that apparently Mukyala Musaawo and boo had gone for antenatal.

“Rema I saw her at Naguru hospital with Dr. But the way she was hiding. It’s true, I think her due date is early December, she is pregnant but hiding,” Mukisa fussed.

Hamza escorted wife at the hospital for antenatal care

This will be the sensational singer’s second biological child in case everything goes according to the plan. Rema and Hamza started living together as hubby and wifey in 2019.

Parents already blessed their marriage during their colorful Kwanjula. Online in-laws claim they remarkably compliment each other in many ways and that their couple was tailored from heaven.

Hamza is financially stable. He bought a hospital in Jinja worth millions of cash and promised to turn it into a world class medical facility.

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Musically speaking, Rema is also still a force to reckon with. Even in this pandemic period she has continued to make money from her brand through endorsement deals.

What else can this power couple ask for other than life, happiness and more babies?

Congrat Rema and Hamza!