Betty Amongi, the minister of gender and social development has assured that government is working day and night to get children going to back to school.

President Yoweri Museveni sent the country into a second lockdown in June after the Covid-19 cases skyrocketed in the country. The President returned a week ago to partially open the country but did not allow children to return to school until they were fully vaccinated.

There have been a section of the population demanding for the opening of schools due to the different problems children are undergoing at homes.

However, minister Betty Amongi has assured the nation that they pushing for vaccines to get children vaccinated and schools reopened.

Betty Amongi, while on NBS TV on Thursday night said: “Those who are talking about issues of education, we are looking into it. Medical school is already going back on the 13th, they will be vaccinated. Vaccination will be provided for all students.”

On people being vaccinated, she said: “NMS sends the MPs the message when they are delivering the vaccines. Many Ugandans have been vaccinated. At least the essential categories have been vaccinated.”

The minister also addressed the issue of shortfalls in the personnel in hospitals experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Betty Amongi said: “More human resource is being recruited. Just last week, the Ministry of Health was interviewing nurses and doctors.”

On the shortage of oxygen in the country, she explained: “Oxygen cylinders have been purchased, although the oxygen is still not enough. We are constructing oxygen plants. The beds are still not enough because of competing interests.”

Betty Amongi addressed the concoctions support. She said: “Ugandans took so many concoctions. Many of them prevented Covid-19 and got cured, they even shared. I want to thank Ugandans. Dr. Besigye, if your concoction is helping, I also want to thank you.”

She added: “The Covid-19 cash transfer has been successful. Our system was not the one that occasioned the double payment; the banks are retrieving the money. The last people got theirs yesterday.”