Covid-19 Pandemic cases on the rise.

MPs are concerned about the continued curfew after President Yoweri Museveni’s extension ended last week.

Legislators are wondering why President Museveni has not come to address the nation on the progress of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

Kasilo MP Okupa Elijah demanded to know under what circumstances the country still under Lockdown after the extension period.

Okupa said: “The lockdown extension elapsed last. It’s important that the President guides the Country on the way forward.”

The Prime Minister @RobinahNabbanja asked the legislator to look at the recent Covid-19 figures before demanding curfew be lifted.

Nabanja said: “Curfew will continue until HE the President (Yoweri Museveni) guides otherwise. I reminded the country that the #COVID19 cases are on the rise. The government is working hard to ensure there is enough #vaccines in the country.”

Silas Aogon MP Kumi Municipality amused the house when he said: “When is the President coming to address the country, about the issue of #Curfew and #COVID19? We have missed the President. We have not heard from him.”

@RobinahNabbanja took to the flow to address Aogon’s concern by hailing: “That shows how Ugandans love our President (Museveni).”

Parliament then heard from Odur Jonathan, Erute County South MP by raising concern over the distribution of expired AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccines by National Medical Stores Uganda to different vaccination centres in the country.

Odur said: “The Ministry of Health officials, have directed that the Vaccines be used.”

@BaryomunsiChris, a doctor and the government spokesman dismissed his claims: “There are no AstraZeneca COVID- 19 Vaccines with an expiry date of August 2021 being given out.

@BaryomunsiChris assured: “The government will administer all the doses of the #Covid_19 vaccines before their expiry dates.”

The @MinofHealthUG also distanced themselves from the claims of expired vaccines. The ministry tweeted: “We would like to categorically state that no vaccines have expired as alleged.”

“The uptake of vaccines is high and will be fully utilized by end of the month. More vaccines are scheduled to arrive between September and October 2021 to cover the target population.”