President Museveni calls out police leadership on murder of Indian businessman

President Yoweri Museveni has questioned possible loopholes in the security circles that could have led to the tragic killing of an Indian Money lender by a lawless police officer.

Police Constable Ivan Wabwire used a colleague’s gun to shoot and kill the director TSF financial services after disagreeing on a loan he borrowed in 2020. The loan had since accumulated,

In a statement released on his social media platforms on May 13, 2023, the president lists possible mistakes that the leadership can learn from and adapt means to avoid errant killings by men in uniform.

Museveni raised six questions to the police force, including how a gun ended up in the hands of a police officer off duty, why the security guards at the crime scene allowed an armed security guard into the premises and his mental situation among others.

“How are the guns stored in the Police? Is there no security at the site where the victim was? Why did that local security allow an armed person into the building who had no guard business there? Then, there is the question of the mental state of this Policeman. Did he have a history of mental instability? If he had, why hadn’t the Police leadership noticed and acted appropriately?” Museveni asked.

However, Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson has since revealed that Wabwire illegally obtained the loaded AK 47 gun that was used to murder his victim. Onyango explains that he took advantage of his roommate’s absence to steal the gun for the crime.

The roommate identified as Steven Mulambo failed to return a gun he signed for to the armory and instead went to check on a sick child, leaving the weapon in their room.

President Museveni calls out police leadership on murder of Indian businessman

He adds that the since suspect was diagnosed with a health condition six years ago, he was denied access to a weapon and only deployed in areas where fire arms are not required.

He adds that at the time of the incident, Wabwire was deployed at a CCTV monitoring center.

“Due to the suspect’s medical condition, Police management at CPS Kampala had taken a decision about six years ago not to arm the suspect with a gun and they have been deploying him in beats that do require him to be armed.  His current deployment was at a CCTV monitoring center,” Onyango said.  

He adds : “Due to limited accommodation, the suspect was sharing a house with a fellow police officer. His housemate had worked at night and didn’t return the gun to the armory instead he went with it to their house shortly, he got a call that his child was sick, he rushed to go and check on the child leaving the gun behind,” Onyango explained.

President Museveni calls out police leadership on murder of Indian businessman