Roden Y Kabako was among the many musicians that travelled to Gulu to meet Gen. Salim Saleh but was very unfortunate to be thrown out.

The reason of him getting thrown out has now been revealed.

According to our source, Kabako was thrown after he was identified as a spy. This was after the singer revealed to his fellow singers that he had gone to see which artists were really trying to pull down the Ugandan music industry.

Roden Y Kabako in self defence admitted to have travelled to Gulu to spy on behalf of Bobi Wine. “I did not go to Gulu to get money as you think. I had my own reasons. I had gone to see who was trying to disorganize the industry. I am a spy of the people. I cannot betray the people I have been with for so long…,” he said.

On getting ditched by Bobi Wine, Kabako says they have been friends for a long and he is freer with him than he can be with other artists that went to Gulu. “You are asking me about a person I have been with for so long. He has a beach where we go to and chill, talk about the industry and other developmental ideas. So, because of that, I cannot side with those against him…,” he said.

It should be noted that a few days ago, Bobi Wine invited some artists for a closed-door meeting, and among them were some who had gone to Gulu to meet Operation Wealth Creation boss, Gen. Salim Saleh. Kabako and Feffe Busi were some of those who attended.