Remnants take Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s honoring to Kenya.

Unlike previous years, the annual honor celebration of Prophet Elvis Mbonye by the remnants was hosted in Kenya.

September 1st annually is the day remnants all over the world testify the goodness and the good deeds of Prophet Mbonye.

Even then, the celebration of the Zoe Ministries leader Prophet Elvis Mbonye was largely streamed live online, more to the joy of his growing global audience.

Last year, Several pastors both local and international wished the Prophet a great honor day while acts like the Zoe melodies that include the likes of Ruyonga entertained the believers.

This year, the legendary saxophonist Joseph Saxx entertained the remnants who were in a jolly mood all through the party.

For the first time ever, the honoring happened in Kenya at Safari Park Lounge and it was invite-only.

The ceremony was not an ordinary one given that a number of remnants honored the prophet virtually here in Uganda and across the globe.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye once was happy all through and this is evident that the honoring day will always be one of his best days on the calendar.

We managed to compile some of the good moments. Take a look.