Sheila Gashumba is currently in Dubai where she will spend almost a fortnight. She says the place is too hot for her to dress up.

Sheila Gashumba is one of the most famous Ugandans online in Uganda.

She has a huge following that she has been attracting since her early days as a TV presenter.

Recently, she has been posting succulent photos that expose most of her skin and it came with a lot of discussion from her following.

The former NTV presenter traveled to Dubai for a “holiday” but has vowed to flood social media with bikini photos in the next 12 days. “I have Never traveled this light; Swimsuits, Martinellis and TkBerriez Skin Care line!! It’s 70 degrees in Dubai so if you expect any photos posted of me in the next 12 days that aren’t bikini shots by the pool or yacht then you must unfollow me now.” She posted.

This is not the first time rapper Rickman Manrick’s girlfriend has travelled to the Arabian city in the United Arab Emirates.

She made super expensive travels with her former rebel boyfriend God’s Plan in 2018 before he became as broke as a church mouse.

The other time she met the trip, she was rumoured to have gone their to meet sangoma Ed Cheune who reportedly bonked her tubeless.