Over the weekend, singer Hanson Baliruno swore in Jesus’ name to teach Urban TV’s, Jommie Nankya a lesson she will live to tell her grandkids.

Hanson might face the law if he fails to say sorry (Photo credit/ Instagram)

In a recorded phone call between Baliruno and Nankya which has since gone viral, the singer vowed to storm the presenter’s place of work or at home and deform her face with acid.

Biting his teeth in anger, Hanson accused the gossip monger of making him a meal to tarnish and defame while on set. The incensed singer fumed and threatened Nankya how he would send her to the creator in heaven but surprisingly she kept a cool head.

The pint size presenter instead rubbed salt and pepper in Hanson’s supposedly teary eyes as she told him how his music is ‘Kwara Kwara’. “Enyimba zo tezinyumira dear,” she boldly said. She went on to task him to bring evidence about blackmailing allegations. 

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Listen to the recorded phone call between the pair below:

Now probably after failing to avail the proof to prove his point, Jommie Nankya has issued the singer with a 5-day ultimatum to eat own vomit.

She wants him to immediately retract his threats and apologize publicly or else he faces the law.

In an intention to sue letter dated September 14, Nankya’s lawyers vow to pump sense into the ‘Tondekangawo’ singer’s head using the law if he doesn’t act accordingly within the given period. 

Nankya demands immediate apology from singer over death threats (Photo Credit/ Instagram)

“This serves to demand as we hereby do that you henceforth restrain yourself, your servants, and/or emissaries from further harassing, abusing, threatening and/or planning to endanger our client in whatever way you intend to do so. We further demand that you apologize to our client, retract all statements made and pay the legal fees so far incurred by our client,” The notice of intention to sue partly reads. 

An intention to sue letter from Nankya’s lawyers to Hanson Baliruno

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