Dazzling City Socialite Sheila Gashumba Gains Hip Weight 5 Months After Swallowing Rickman Rick’s Gigantic Wire

There is no denying fact the sweet & s#xy City socialite Sheila Gashumba is among the few beautiful and influential Slay Queens that make social media go crazy with their style and fashion.

Her own personal life and obsession to look the best she can ever be has not only won her a loyal fan base but has attracted big corporate companies who view her as the ideal brand ambassador.

Just over a month ago, the pencil thin socialite posted a few exquisite pictures of herself enjoying life with her UK-based boyfriend Rickman Rick at a classic spot in Kampala. At the time Sheila, who was in the company of her saucy friend Katrina was seen donned in a sizzling blue bikini as she enjoyed the cool waters of a 7×5 swimming pool.

Now today afternoon, the controversial and yet unapologetic socialite continued to serve her followers with a glimpse of her flashy and expensive Dubai vacation.

Appearing to have gained some weight around the hip area, Sheila was not shy to share a few succulent pictures of herself enjoying an Olympic sizes swimming pool in Dubai. In the picture posted on her Instagram, Sheila who romantically stares at the Camera is seen dressed in a black yellow flamed Bikini.

Knowing that all social Media eye balls would be on her after the posting, Sheila captioned the saucy picture as ”Was looking for what to post and I found these@snrklbr_swimwear

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o8W1EhG-lk Dazzling