”Someone told me the only reason a wife forgives a cheating husband is if she’s already cheating or planning to do so”,… Fat Boy Tickles Flavia Tumusiime

As a big chunk of social media ‘wololos’ are beginning to get to terms with the fact that Flavia Tumusiime cares less about the rumours that her husband Andrew Kabuura cheated on her with a brown chic that apparently works for the French Embassy, there is a section of people who not only continue to tickle her brave nerves but also test her patience on the sensitive issue.

One of such persons is non other than veteran Radio Personality James Onen popularly known as Fat Boy.

The argumentative and self styled atheist took to his official Facebook page and made a post insinuating how Flavia not getting bothered about the rumors of her Husband cheating on her either means she might also be cheating on the Hubby or just planing to do.

Although the eloquent media personality did mention anything to do with Flavia and Kabuura in his post, it was just easy for his followers to know whom he was talking about judging by the comments on the controversial post.

”Someone told me that the only reason a wife forgives a cheating husband is if she’s already cheating herself, or is planning to do so to get even” James Onen posted earlier in the day.

Of course Fat Boy’s post being a sensitive one and hard to scroll past, a number of people commented with rather mixed feelings.

”If you must cheat on your woman, make sure she does not find out because if she does, she will revenge. You may never get to know because she still loves you BUT her ego will always want to get even” one Caroline Bena commented

”If I ever cheat on you, and you catch me, dont forgive me, because every misfortune that will befall me henceforth, I’ll know you had a hand in it, even if you dont, even if it is lightening that you have no control over, if it gets to me, I’ll come for you through my many other 3rd parties and make another equalizer” one Spacey Kawa commented

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pRrIr0x-QI ”Someone