Nina Roz lets the cat out of the bag in new song, Gwantama

Musicians tend to sing about events or incidents that have impacted on their lives. They sing about their lifestyle, love stories and also use their voices to attack and blast haters.

Actually, research shows that they are more creative during writing or recording studio sessions when they are at their lowest.

In the recent past, we have witnessed how pop star Bobi Wine has managed to criticize Sevo as he passes on his political, economic and social messages to the masses through what he refers to as hard-hitting edutainment music.

Well, songstress Nina Roz is also using the same tool to skin her ex-lover! When you listen to her new love song, Gwantama, in which she features Serena Bata, you will perhaps agree that she’s fuming at Daddy Andre.

Gwantama is a Luganda word which can be loosely translated as hate for someone. In this song, Nina Roz reveals how she fell for a player who could bonk other babes for fun. The tall and lanky female star further narrates that she was so madly in love with the man but only for him toil with her heart.

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“Ebibyo byali bitya Nina, Nyumiza lwonobayo,” Serena Bata kicks off the song asking her to open up on what transpired before she decided to pack up her stuff and leave Andre’s home.

“…Natya obufumbo simeere, omuyaye yandagako! Nze owange olwatuuka mu makka nga abakyala abakyuusa bitya. Nga ate we’nemulugunyaako nga empi nga ankutta. Ono yali muliro, nakoowa entalo obufumbo nembusuula wo…” Nina croons as she laments after enduring a bad relationship.

Listen to the song below;

In 2020, Nina Roz introduced multi-talented music producer Daddy Andre to her parents in Kireka, Wakiso District as the pair tried to secure their future.

However, shortly after the colourful ceremony, the two entertainers bitterly broke up. Nina allegedly caught Andre red-handed bouncing and sweating on top of another babe. Heartbroken she was, the Omuliro singer had to trace the exit.