Seems singer Nina Roz is not about to share a cup of tea with hubby Daddy Andre again.

The tall, gorgeous and slender female musician is seemingly so done with things concerning Daddy Andre after their love story flopped.

This was evident while speaking during an interview with BBS TV recently. An inquisitive reporter asked Nina Roz how Andre was doing lately but guess what? She was not comfortable to answer that.

The Nyonta hit star was visibly irritated and almost pounced on the reporter.

“Nina Roz how is your hubby Daddy Andre?”, the BBS TV reporter asked and Nina responded, “who is my hubby? so i should ask you also how is your wife. It’s all over between me and him?”, she said before furiously excusing herself from the set.

In 2020 as the Lock down was seriously biting, Nina introduced Andre to her parents in a low-key Kwanjula ceremony.

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The pair started living together, playing that ‘midnight game’ as they bonded towards securing each other’s future. The results were visible…Nina gained massive weight, thanks to the multi-talented music producer’s care and of course water injections.

But somewhere somehow things started falling apart, with Andre accusing Nina of cheating on him with a Nkuba Kyeeyo based in London. While narrating to his buddy on phone, he revealed that Nina Roz had not fallen in love with him but wanted to be in a relationship with him because of his music and production skills.

Now reports pin Nina of making drugs her hourly meal and that she is shadow of her former self. To make matters worse, Daddy Andre is on the other hand dealing with Sheebah Karungi who is Nina’s sworn enemy!

This week on Thursday, Sheebah posted a clip of her and Daddy Andre recording a song at her home in Munyonyo.

“Brought the studio at home!! Thank you @daddyandreofficial for allowing to come to me!!”, she partly captioned it.