Daddy Andre ‘pleads with Nina Roz, to come home

It is hard to find an artist that writes their own music and produces them to near perfection. Daddy Andre is one of the very few musicians in Uganda that you can call a complete musician.

Andre wants Nina back according to fans

For reference, listen to his songs, from way back when he started his career to his latest ballad, ‘Kampala’.

‘Kampala’ is a love song, centered on a woman Daddy Andre has got his eyes fixated on, and he is not ready to hide his feelings for her. In this beautiful piece, Daddy Andre cries out loud to his lover, telling her how Kampala city is only fun when she is chilling with him.

Watch Daddy Andre’s interview about his Exes below;

The song was written and produced by Andre himself showing his proficiency in crafting both club bangers and love songs, which have captured the hearts and minds of Ugandans.

‘Kampala’ is of the Urban Contemporary genre, fused with a touch of Zouk and Afrobeat. It kicks off with the string noise of a guitar before Daddy Andre croons nicely; “Kampala enyuma nga wooli…”

Watch a snippet of Kampala below;

The beat has a mild bass that is emphasised at different stages in the song, as well as incorporating other instruments like the piano and the violin that are blended together immaculately to match his voice.

The lyrics to this mid-tempo track are written in English and Luganda so it gives speakers of both languages a clear message of what exactly the song is about; love. Actually many fans and critics believe Daddy Andre is using this song to pass on his message to Nina Roz to pardon and give him another chance.

Andre aparently dedicates his new love song ‘Kampala’ to ex-girlfriend Nina Roz

Nina Roz, who had introduced Andre to her parents in 2020, during lockdown, in Kireka, dumped him just after eight months of playing bedminton.

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