Apparently Daddy Andre is unknowingly dating Bobo Shan, who is 5 months preggers for another man!

Fresh and exclusive info coming through suggests that TV gal, Bobo shan 20, is only four months away from dropping the tot if all goes according to plan.

STV’s presenter Bobo Shan is 5 months pregnant

Bobo shan, real name Shania Binti Ibrahim, is baking something in the oven but surprisingly the pregnancy is not for rumoured lover, Daddy Andre.

According to a source which considers anonymity, Shan apparently started moving out with Daddy Andre when a live seed which her real boyfriend, Ruhagisha Melvin a.k.a Grimez UG planted in her earlier this year was already germinating.

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A source adds that Melvin was so bitter with Shan, who works with STV after learning that she is playing him with the renown bean pecker, Andre.

Recently, rumour had it that the stunning media personality introduced Andre to her parents in a highly secret ceremony. No videos or picture-proof taken from their Kukyala have been shared.

The pair are yet to come out to clear the air in that regard which has further angered and disappointed Ruhagisha Melvin.

Bobo Shan is apparently pregnant for Melvin

Apparently, overwhelmed by anger, the boyfriend has availed proof which confirms that Bobo Shan is pregnant for him, not the famed and multi-talented beat maker, Andre.

The X-rays and scans shared exclusively to us supposedly confirm that a person in the name of Shania Binti Ibrahim is five months pregnant!

Pics and clips of baby daddy in-waiting, together with Shan sharing blissful moments have also started making rounds on social media.

In a 41-sec video we have, the two lovebirds joyfully sing and dance to Daddy Andre’s hit song, Omwana wa’bandi as they celebrate love.

Watch video below:

With all this surfacing, we are in for massive drama and a bull-fight!

Daddy Andre broke up with Nina Roz early this year over straying just months after she introduced him to her parents.

Shan will be a mother in four months to come according x-ray shared.
Results from scanning shows the 20-year-old TV host is already ballooned