Sensational Ugandan TikTok star, Micheal Sebamba a.k.a Mikeyseems2funny is out here making his mum proud!

Tiktoker Mikey gifts mum a brand new car

Exclusive info reaching our mighty gossip desk confirms that the talented 25-year-old entertainer has purchased a brand new ride, Toyota Alphard UBD 701Y, white in color for his beloved mum.

Mikey claims he had always wanted to appreciate his mum in a special way for all the good things she has done for him and his siblings. He says he has been saving his dime process by process and now is the time to make things happen.

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He took to his Facebook page and shared a video in which he is seen handing over car keys to a very excited mum.

“While growing up my dream was to make my mom happy because of all she has gone through which I can’t post here bah all in all I wanna thank you for taking us to school, wearing one pair of shoes for us to be happy. You’re a super woman love u to the moon and back… Promised myself I would buy a car one day and guess the time is now accept my little gift mom,” he captioned the video.

How @Mickeyseems2funny became a star and people’s favourite on TikTok

He says he came to know about the TikTok app through a friend who sent him one of his comical videos. And even though he did not plan on staying on the account for long, he ended up spending close to half an hour.

Just like his username, the LED technician at Steve Jeans’ Fenon Events, definitely lives up to his name and serves some pretty hilarious skits on the app. The 25-year-old says he had always dreamt of being a content creator.

Tiktoker Mikey earning big from his creative works

His videos are normally set in a home environment with his partner, Basha, and revolve around everyday issues experienced in many Ugandan households, but with a comical twist to them.

“I have been able to score some major endorsement deals with the popularity [of] the app, the main ones being with Jobline Uganda Consultancy and Club beer,” Mikey, who has 222.3k followers, says.