Prima displays class A appetite as she empties a full Lusaniya of rice, rolex, beans and sausages

Celebrated city socialite Prima Kardashi has given her followers a glimpse of what it is like to have break fast at her place.

It is common knowledge that some women and food can’t be separated that easily & for the sake Prima, this wide held stereotype seems to fit into her persona.

Following the usual routine of updating fans about her private life and lines of businesses, Prima took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself having a heavy breakfast meal.

In the snaps posted on her official accounts, Prima who dressed in a white thick night gown can be seen holding up a cup of coffee as she prepares to discipline a lusaniya full of beans,chapati,eggs and sausages.

Besides just having the main lusaniya on the table, the self proclaimed cash madam also has another plate full of fruit salads and well caked donuts ready for breakfast.

She then goes ahead to caption the controversial picture, ” Blessed New Monthskin @prima_skin_cosmetics