Video of woman gasping for air leaves Netizens touched as two heavy explosions wreck City Center

Kampala Central Business District on a normal day is chaotic; Boda Boda’s hoot and weave their way between sow moving traffic, pedestrians and hawkers alike shuffle or walk briskly to their various destinations. The roadside sellers too settle in for a long day of trying to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

This routine was dismantled this morning when two explosions went off, shattering car window classes and mirrors, tearing apart the flesh of some pedestrians as well as beheading others

Chaos reigned thereafter as bystanders dashed in all directions to take shelter and a huge cloud of smoke hang in the air, a sign of the dark day that had suddenly descended upon the city

As it stands it has been reported that atleast 8 people have killed with several others injured in the highly televised mid-morning horror.

More saddening though is a video of a woman who has been captured gasping for air moments after the second explosion went off.

In a short video posted on social media, a seemingly helpless woman who is seen fighting for her life repeatedly rolls on the floor as she struggles to catch her breath with a cordoned off group watching from a far.

When asked about the diabolical state the country’s security finds it’s self in, the Spokes person of the Uganda Police Force Fred Enanga said the Police together with sister agencies were on top of the situation and working hard to get to the bottom of the matter.

”We shall soon have a presser on this but the just to let the country know, Police is on top of the situation”

Watch video;