Up and coming musician Bob Narry is aiming to have a taste of the sweet cake artists share when they reach the top.

Bob Narry aiming for the stars

The multi-talented has been working harder to achieve his dream of becoming one of the household names in the music industry and now feels it’s his time to shine.

He has just released his collabo Teamo with Dancehall female star Karole Kasita to hit the ground rolling. Te amo is a Spanish word which means I love you. The lyrics of this song are in Spanish, English, Swahili and Luganda which gives it a different dimension in the market.

Karole Kasita and Bob Narry drop their collabo

The audio of the song was produced by multi Zzina Awards nominee Artin Pro, a name behind most of the top-charting hits for the past three years.

This project is not bad for the two hard working musicians.

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Enjoy the Teamo below:

Musically speaking, Karole Kasita has been firing all the cylinders since last year. In 2020 is one of the very few artists who made people dance at home in lockdown. Her mega jam; Balance bossed airwaves countrywide.

And now she is giving a ladder to Bob Narry to climb on. Isn’t this amazing?