Weasel Manizo is a certified Muzinnyi who has bonked all tribes of women in Uganda over the years. He is never afraid to say it.

Weasel is a man who has feasted on hundreds of women, the Musician has however come out and distanced himself from Dating Grace Khan.

Social Media has been claiming that the ‘Gudlyfe’ singer could have bonked Grace Khan tubeless.

Weasel Manizo however says Grace Khan is not in the league of women she dates and the two can never at any time exchange Saliva or sleep in the same bed. As a matter of fact, Weasel claimed he has never met Grace Khan and doesn’t hope to meet her soon.

Weasel and Baby Maama Sandra Teta

“Look at all my baby mamma’s, she is not in the League of extraordinary women.” Weasel Sarcastically said while responding to a fan’s comment who suggested Grace Khan’s pregnancy might be for Weasel.

Grace Khan who is still unsure of the dude who bonked her tubeless is willing to take a DNA test once she drops the tot anytime soon.

On the other hand, Prince Omar who is heavily linked to bonking Grace Khan tubeless is also willing to have DNA to prove Grace Khan wrong.

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