Zari reveals Diamond’s secrets, says ‘not all that glitters is gold’

For years now, Diamond Platnumz has been known for his love for tasty bearded meat. He has exhibited his bedroom skills by vibing and chewing babes across East Africa.

He is one of many stars who have used their fame, money and power to hook up with any woman they want by just snapping figures.

Diamond’s favorite baby mama, Zari reveals his secrets

The list of known babes who have fallen prey to his trap features the likes of classy socialite Zari Hassan, singer Tanasha Donna, who doubles as a radio gal and vixen Hamisa Mobetto. All the above named are his baby mamas.

However, Zari, who happens to be his favorite among the three hotties, recently came out to reveal all Diamond’s bonk secrets in a blockbuster interview.

According to the 41-year-old socialite, her relationship with Diamond was another dose of stress as the TZ singing sensation could hook up with all tribes of women for pleasure.

She revealed how the multi-award winning superstar could impregnate them (Women) and tells them to abort to foil evidence.

“I was older than him by 8 years and my having three children and none for him, we had to keep the initial stages of our relationship private. A heart wants what it wants…and we really had a very beautiful relationship, but not all that glitters is gold. It was a long distance relationship, me in South Africa and him in Tanzania, but there were several reports of infidelity and there were many girls aborting and he was responsible,” she said.

Zari says many girls aborted and Diamond was responsible

The stunning mother-of-five added that among the girls who got pregnant and refused to abort was Hamisa Mobetto. Zari narrated that Diamond denied until Hamisa dropped the tot.

“…there was this one girl [Hamisa Mobetto] who decided to keep the pregnancy so I asked him about it, but he kept on denying.

All he told me was that she was a video vixen brought by someone. Fast forward, the baby is born and he sends the mother to go and check on the newborn child.

If you have nothing to do with this video vixen, why is your mother visiting? “No, no, she was there to do something else,” Diamond Platnumz defended his mother visiting Hamisa Mobetto in hospital.

It was then that the video vixen started releasing pictures of them in our bed, not a hotel room, but our bed and that is how I and Diamond Platnumz ended the affair between us.”

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According to Zari, Hamisa refused to abort Diamond’s pregnancy

Asked if the cheating was the deal breaker, Zari denied saying that Diamond was a Moslem and faith permits them to have four women.

“It wasn’t cheating, but I told him that first of all, you are a Moslem, just call for a press conference and say that the religion allows you four wives and that will be it, we can sort ourselves behind the scenes…

‘No, I don’t understand, that is not my child,’ Diamond said to me.

For now we are best of friends, we’ve put our feelings aside and we are just co-parenting, yes I know people won’t believe me but that’s it. I have never been involved with Diamond ever since we broke up.