For about five years, Musician Ssali Moses alias Bebe Cool has been releasing the famous “Bebe Cool List” at the start of every year.

The list has been surrounded with so much controversy but a number of people have heaped praise on it regardless.

Bebe Cool now dreams of the list going bigger and better.

The Gagamel boss has expressed interest in rewarding the musicians that appear on his list with millions of money and accolades. “It is only right that this list becomes an award.” He said.

He also dreams of the Awards becoming the biggest in East Africa. “Please do not be shocked if you see it becoming one of the biggest awards in East and Central Africa soon,” he added.

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Bebe Cool Controversy.

Over the recent few years, Bebe Cool has been one of the biggest controversial musicians in the country. He has always had a contradicting view with local Award organizers every time he has failed to win.

As a matter of fact, he requested never to be nominated for the fear of missing out on the winners’ list at the expense of the younger generation.

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What this means.

Bebe Cool Awards would basically be another piece of ‘trash’ awards like he prefers to refer to them and nobody would ever be interested.

This is the right time for somebody close to Bebe Cool to advise him on dropping the idea.