Minayo gave birth back in 2013 to her son Tendo at a young age something society seemed not okay with.

Being pregnant at a very young age usually attracts a lot of criticism in Uganda and many girls have been forced into abortion due to societal pressure.

Minayo who as well got pregnant at a young age faced the same pressure from people around her. The songstress, however, went ahead and gave birth but she doesn’t regret giving birth to her son at a young age despite most people referring to her decision as a childhood mistake.

Her son Tendo celebrated his eighth birthday yesterday and all the memories of how he was considered a “mistake” came back flashing.

Through her social media pages, Minayo revealed how Tendo has been a blessing to her and how she does not regret the decisions she made to have him and prays that God continues to protect the miracle He blessed her with. “The more you grow, the more I get scared that you might go away sooner from your mother. You wipe your mother’s tears when her world is upside down,” Minayo wrote on Facebook.

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She added, “Almighty continue to shield my son. Thank you God for this was a childhood mistake to people but my living miracle. My Tendo lya mukama. Happy birthday baba I love you beyond comprehension.”