Rahmah Pinky is the new kid on the block signed under Team No Sleep.

Pinky is said to have taken the place of Sheebah Karungi who is rumored to have fallen out with Jeff Kiwa, TNS’s founder.

While some news outlets have been fueling beef between Sheebah and Pinky, the new kid has said she is not here to compete with Sheebah.

“I am not here to fight Sheebah. She’s a legend and I respect her for that. I have also never met her personally, so I think neither of us has a problem with the other. We shall coexist in this industry harmoniously,” Pinky said in an interview

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Her latest song, Superstar is said to have been done with inspiration from Sheebah. Pinky sounds exactly like Sheebah.

“I actually didn’t know that I sounded like Sheebah. I was just given a song, which I voiced in the studio and everyone tells me that I sound like her.”

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