For almost a month, the fallout between TNS boss Jeff Kiwa and Sheebah Karungi has been dominating entertainment headlines.

Despite not announcing it officially, it is evident that the duo is no longer on good terms or working together.

Sheebah was replaced with a one Pinky Rahma who has already dropped a song dubbed “Superstar” which many of the music fans are connecting to Sheebah’s unique art. Pinky has however come out to deny and trash allegations of her intentions to sing and sound like Sheebah.

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On the other hand, Sheebah has resorted to motivational quotes on social media.

The Multi Award-winning artist has been throwing rants like a “muzigo” lady and in one of her rants, Sheebah revealed how she was underpaid by Jeff Kiwa. “Playing too humble will have you overlooked, underpaid, and underbooked. Talk your sh*t, own the room and let them haters be uncomfortable.” She posted.

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But the diva has accumulated a lot of wealth and property under TNS like her Munyonyo Mansion, Holic Pads, Red Events, Red Terrace Event, and the Sheeba boat cruise.

Do you think the duo fell out because of money? Could this be a hint?

We shall keep you posted.