The beef between Jeff Kiwa and Sheebah Karungi is steadily growing and very soon we might witness a fight between them.

Initially, the pair, who worked together for over eight years, had decided to part ways amicably, without throwing shades at each other. The story has since changed to bickering.

Sheebah says she can make it alone!

Sheebah, not known for taking things while seated, started poking at Jeff Kiwa – a man who made her who she is now – with endless posts on her social platforms.

“I was raised by a woman, who was raised by a woman that (Sic) was also raised by a WOMAN. It would be stupid not to FIGHT for my own.”, the 33-year-old star posted on her Facebook wall after news broke that she and Jeff Kiwa had fallen out.

She has since posted a series of more stinging posts. In one of the most recent ones, she revealed how she could no longer play humble and settle for less!

“Playing too humble will have you overlooked, underpaid, and under-booked. Talk your sh*t, own your room and let them haters be uncomfortable.”

Jeff Kiwa brands Sheebah a lipstick artist with 1990s excitement

Her endless rants have forced Jeff Kiwa, a chap known for his quiet moves, this time around to sneeze!

In an interview with Sqoop Magazine, Jeff hit back at Sheebah, branding her a lipstick artist, who only cares about taking pics other than fine-tuning her music career.

The Team No Sleep supreme manager raged that 2022 is not for people with “1990s excitement” and that he will only work with serious artists.

“You find someone spending all their time plastering blood-red lipsticks and taking photos, how do you sell your music that way? Seriously, I don’t need lipstick artists. Five years are enough for you to be a brand material and an international artiste but when you’re fixated with small things like red lipstick, you remain just a vixen,” he added.

Jeff fired Sheebah last month and replaced her with little-known upcoming star Rahuma Pinky. Pinky has already released her debut single, Superstar, which is fairly gaining airplay.

Jeff Fired Sheebah and replaced her with 17-year-old Pinky

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