Latest info reaching us confirms that renowned artist manager Jeff Kiwanuka, a.k.a Jeff Kiwa is no longer working with Rahma Pinky!

Reliable sources close to the pair tell us that Jeff Kiwa knifed Pinky over indiscipline.

An insider in Team No Sleep (TNS) disclosed to us that Jeff set the non-negotiables terms and conditions to keep all his artists in check but Pinky has always been rebellious. Her messy behaviors are apparently attributed to the fact that she got excited and somewhat, ‘grew wings’ after tasting fame.

It is said that the 18-year-old singer has been sneaking dudes in her apartment for friendly matches and also smoking leaves.

“Jeff Kiwa has fired Pinky for sneaking men into her apartment and taking Shisha. Jeff and his team have always tried to warn her but the beast in her couldn’t kowtow. She is now seeks a new manager,” an insider tipped.

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Pinky and Jeff Kiwa started working together this year in April after Sevo lifted a ban on music shows. The youngster had been signed to replace Sheebah Karungi following Queen Karma’s decision to leave TNS to pursue a sole career. Sheebah had spent eight solid years with TNS.

Jeff resorted all his energies to make sure that Pinky becomes a force to reckon with in the music industry. 

He brought the finest songwriters and best beat makers on board. Since then, Pinky has been dropping song after song, but somehow, she has failed to boss the airwaves. That could be the reason why Jeff hired other artists such as Aroma, Grenade Official and many others, to avoid putting all his eggs in one basket… and yes, the trick is working magic.

Grenade Official is delivering work after work, with bangers such as Bandana, Picha and Am Badder topping music charts country wide.