Jeff Kiwa banning Sheebah from performing TNS songs

From what we heard and gathered, singer Sheebah Karungi might never sing the songs she recorded when she still signed under Team No Sleep (TNS).

TNS owns all Sheebah’s old songs

Exclusive info coming through suggests that TNS’s supreme manager, Jeff Kiwa and team are contemplating to thwart Sheebah’s career by stopping her from performing their works after their mega fall out.

According to an insider, under TNS, Sheebah has been a dummy like her nemesis, Cindy put it. She inked a deal with Jeff where all her musical works belong to TNS. She is a ‘laboratory’ musician who was created and not born.

An insider tells us that before their split, Jeff and the team were responsible for sketching for remarkable songwriters with better songs, paying for studio sessions and promoting the songs in nightclubs, radio and TV stations. He has also been responsible for securing gigs, corporate deals and catering for the artist’s welfare.

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Sheebah’s only job was to put her voice in the demos, perform on stage and also do media interviews.

With all that, Jeff’s share has been 70% and 30% for Queen Karma.

“All the hits she has been dropping for the past 8 years belong to TNS as a company not the artist. Jeff is bitter with Sheebah for trying to hoodwink the public that she is self-made. Her feminist rant posts in which she downplays men’s roles irritate Jeff and now he wants to burst her bubble. All he wants is to teach her a lesson by banning her from using TNS’s works,” an insider revealed to us.

Sheebah under fire after parting ways with Jeff

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old star is a loaded miss independent! She accumulated ‘wealth’ while under Jeff Kiwa management. Testament to this is a beautiful mansion in Munyonyo, several businesses including Holic pads, Red Terrace Bar, and Red Events. 

She also boasts a yacht called ‘Queen Karma’ cruise, and we have been told she has been frequenting the Ministry of Gender and Labour to get all the required certifications to start a labour export company.