Singer Sheebah Karungi is facing one of the toughest times in her music career and surely she might need help.

Ever since she broke up with musical father, mentor and manager Jeff Kiwa, she’s been under pressure, trying to move on.

Jeff Kiwa picked Sheebah from the trenches in 2013, when her career had failed to hit the ground rolling and polished and molded her into one force to reckon with in the Ugandan music industry today.

Sheebah needs prayers

Before parting ways with Team No Sleep (TNS), she dropped hit after hit, dominated airwaves, signed mega endorsement deals and most importantly, survived ruthless city landlords after she constructed a mansion in Munyonyo. Under Jeff’s guidance and mentorship, she became a CEO of Sheebah Establishments Co. and owns a mini Yacht!

Going forward, the 33-year-old star and Jeff can never share a cup of tea, let alone do business together after falling out.

She has shared a series of posts across her social media pages hitting at Jeff and assuring her doubters that she is a fierce feminist who can stand alone.

“I was raised by a woman, who was raised by a woman that was also raised by a WOMAN. It would be stupid not to FIGHT for my own,” One of her posts read.

The former TNS star deleted over 4000 from Instagram

Not ready to look on as the artist he made steps on his toes, Jeff recently responded to her endless rants by branding her a lipstick artist with a doomed future.

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The beef between the pair is surely growing and now Sheebah has moved to delete all her previous posts on Instagram when she was still under Jeff’s wings.

She has deleted more than 4,000 old posts, sparing only 143 recent ones for her 1.1 Million followers.

Musically speaking, Sheebah has a gospel song, ‘Mukama Yamba’ in the pipeline.

Jeff, on the other hand, has signed two new exciting artists in Rahmah Pinky and Sama Sojah to compete on the market.

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Jeff with his new signee, Pinky