Faded singer Sweet Kid was one of the finest musicians in the mid-2000s thanks to his hit songs like Brenda, Silikyusa among others.

He however quit music at the start of the 2010s to concentrate on his personal business where he excelled and started investing in real estate.

After accumulating wealth, Sweet Kid has now sworn never to set foot on stage for money.

“I can go and perform at my friend’s function for free but I can’t go around singing for money. I have retired from such work.” He said.

Sweet Kid further explained that he realized there is a better life after music which he decided to take on. “I realized that there is another better life after music and which is what I decided to do. I retired from the music industry and decided to open a bar. Even if I am called to sing in another country I would not go because I have officially retired and decided to do business.” He added on.

Sweet Kid just like Peter Miles, Mesach Ssemakula among others are some of the musicians that are doing well financially despite fading musically.