Sheebah Karungi has been in a mix-up of falling apart with the manager and Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa.

The diva who was signed to TNS for close to 7 years of massive excellence is now on her own and trying to start a new life with an anchor of the ship.

Because of this, she has resorted to seeking divine intervention in her music.

Sheebah is set to drop a gospel song on Tuesday night dubbed “Mukama Yamba”.

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From our close sources to Sheebah, she has decided to dedicate the song to Canadian-based rapper Keko who on Monday night appeared in a live video very much intoxicated and in a devastating state.

Keko, who is a drug addict has taken years without dropping music and attributed this to Sony Music, a record label she was signed to for shelving her music.

Well, Sheebah’s song dedication to Keko comes at a time when the rumor of the female artists dating and bonking has resurfaced and started swirling on the streets.