Love is a beautiful thing which can happen to a person…and yes celebrated movie translator, VJ Junior De Incredible has a story to tell about the love of his life!

VJ Junior, a darling known for translating love stories so effortlessly into Luganda, in a captivating manner and with a dash of humour, has taken to his Facebook page to appreciate his special woman, Patience Matovu, for loving and taking care of not only him, but also their adorable kids.

In the lengthy love letter, the chubby celebrity describes his sweetheart as a reliable woman, who has stayed with him through thick and thin. Junior points out that Patience is ‘isn’t only my wife, she is my other half, my better half, my partner in crime, my love until the end of the time.’

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Checkout his post below:

For the first time in many months, our house was silent on Wednesday morning – devoid of laughter, tears, toys, and hourly snack times. It felt strange and empty after the first school drop-off of the year when my wife was returning our two boys to school(she had taken the eldest, our daughter, on Monday already).

That morning was a mad rush to get them dressed, prepare them breakfast, showering them and brushing their teeth – all before 7.00am. Then, while me the dad was rushing to the bank to pay school fees…enduring that frustrating long queue.

Their mother while driving them safely at school, she repeatedly asked the two if they were nervous, scared, or sad – she was clearly simply projecting her feelings onto them bambi, because they happily skipped in through the school gates without looking back.

Being a parent is a remarkable responsibility, but it is a far greater blessing than burden. Having a front row seat to the discovery, the triumphs, the lessons, the gifts that our children will experience is better than ANY victory we could achieve for ourselves. Having a hand in sending another human being out into the world to make a positive difference is inspiring but I couldn’t have ever achieved without my dear wife Matovu Patience….whom I love so much.

Some people have been asking why I love her so much. Well, she is the only one who’s stayed by my side all these years and above all begetting me my three beautiful children and taking great care of them with much love, empathy and too much compassion.

She isn’t only my wife, she is my other half, my better half, my partner in crime, my love until the end of the time.

I love u so much Patience