These days, everyone wants to show off. People go extra lengths to show they are doing well. Instagram and Snap chat remain the major causes of lost virginity these days as young girls struggle to keep up appearances.

People are struggling to look rich, appear beautiful and get validation from even perfect strangers. A girl I know that used to work in the media, who for today I will call Jamila, not real name, badly wanted to look lit on her Instagram. But Jamila was very broke. So she improvised by lining up 3 men to support her lifestyle.

Each paid rent for her apartment in Kololo but only one was official. Each took turns to visit and service her. When she got pregnant, she didn’t know who of the three the real father was. She still went ahead and carried the pregnancy to them and delivered. In the hospital, it is where trouble arose. The kid was half cast. None of the regular men was white.

It turns out, at one of those house parties, there was white sharp shooter. All the three men were taking turns – unknown to them – to cater for the pregnancy and pay hospital bills. They all abandoned her in the hospital. She had to go, sell her household items to clear the bills. Soon, she had to leave Kololo to live a pauper’s life in Bukoto. The house party man has never been found as he returned to his home country. These days, the slay queen she was, has no social media updates. She shares inspirational and religious quotes. Jamila’s story isn’t unique. Many have fallen prey.

Slaying has invaded other areas of life. Education for kids hasn’t been scary. These days, parents want to show off their kids in posh schools. It’s now a status symbol. We want to be seen next to swimming pools and posh desks not for the kids but mostly to satisfy our own ego. Then we keep crying that schools are expensive.

It’s time to just find a school that fits your life and keep quiet. Yes, osilike! The results will amaze you.

Two years ago, I was insulted by how the school where my children were going was treating us. COVID 19 had disrupted business but the school was arrogantly asking us to pay 70% of the exorbitant school fees in order to teach the kids online. Three weeks in, I realized the online lessons weren’t practical for me and the kids. Other parents cheered on as we pushed for a reduction. They accused us of being misers etc. I took my kids, organized teachers and started a mini school at home. I found it convenient and the children were doing a lot better. Later, I took them to schools whose school fees were a fraction of the fees at the previous school. These schools respect the parents a lot more. They do well. The facilities aren’t any worse. I am very sure, they will turn out fine.

Look around you in your office. How many of you went to these expensive schools? I actually looked around my office and found none yet we are many. Maybe the products of these schools are in high offices but I doubt it. I checked a few CVs of parliamentarians and a few scientists, I was surprised, and most were from those traditional, ordinary schools.

You get a student of St Mukasa Preparatory Seminary and give them a Greenhill, Hillside, Sir Apollo Kaggwa paper and they will ace it. In addition, they will be more humble, respectful and prayerful. They received this at very low fees.

So, instead of fighting for a place in these few bourgeois schools, look for a school that fits your bill and keep quiet. Eventually, the results will amaze you.

By Innocent Nahabwe
CEO at BlueCube Limited Incorporating Kagwirawo sports betting, 100.2 Galaxy FM, Bluecube, Katogo 24 and 911 Lounge Salaama Rd, Kampala
Deputy Chairperson of National Association of Bro
adcasters (NAB).