Singer Karole Kasita tears pants live on stage as she spreads her legs in acrobatic moves, borrows Comedian Kalela’s boxers to save the day

At this rate, it just feels like there is some sort of bad omen following talented local singer Karole Kasita everywhere she goes to perform.

Just over a month ago, the dancehall star got terribly embarrassed after her wig fell off during a live performance at Bros Resort Riverside in Juba, South Sudan on Christmas day.

Since Karole had an obligation to entertain her fans no matter what had happened to her, she temporarily stopped performing, picked up her wig and placed it back on her head before resuming the singing.

After going through the horror experience last year, you would think the gods have now given Karole a break but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the singer experienced a similar embarrassment at the comedy store last night.

While performing for revelers at the weekly mood lifting show, Karole saw her tight pants tear apart as she attempted to do an acrobatic move during a live performance.

As a way of covering up the hole that had been made on the leather pants, Karole Kasita stopped the performance and asked comedian Kalale to lend her his boxers for the rest of the performance.

Kalale being the gentleman that he is, removed his boxers and gave them to Karole to enable her finish the performance. We hope Kalale’s vuvuzela did not get caught between the zipper since he was left with no protective gear.since he was left

After putting on the boxerKasita tage, the singer is heard wondering if the omen following her will ever end.

”I have just had my wig fall off stage while in juba. Now my pants have got torn while on stage. I really don’t know if this bad spell will end any time soon,” Karole is heard complaining to the heavens.