Sama Sojah to rub shoulders with Sheebah live on stage In London

The entertainment world is too small to avoid meeting one’s nemesis.

Just weeks after Jeff Kiwa fired Sheebah Karungi from his musical group, Team No Sleep (TNS), he has lined up his new recruit, Sama Sojah, to rub shoulders with Queen Karma on the same stage! Interesting, right?

Sheebah and Sama Sojah are set to share the stage, alongside King Saha in London, come February 26.

The trio will be performing live at The Royal Regency, London, and fans are looking forward to whatever drama will unfold.

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We all know both Sheebah and her former manager and maker, Jeff Kiwa have been at loggerheads since they fell out.

The self-proclaimed feminist has shared a series of stinging posts, in which she attacks her former boss. In one of the rant posts, she vowed to up her game just to show him and other doubters that she can stand alone and drop hits.

“I was raised by a woman, who was raised by a woman that was also raised by a WOMAN. It would be stupid not to FIGHT for my own,” the 33-year-old star fussed.

“Playing too humble will have you overlooked, underpaid, and under-booked. Talk your sh*t, own your room and let them haters be uncomfortable,” she continued.

Her endless rants forced Jeff Kiwa, a chap known for his quiet moves, to sneeze as he branded her a ‘lipstick artist’ with “1990s excitement”!

“You find someone spending all their time plastering blood-red lipsticks and taking photos, how do you sell your music that way? Seriously, I don’t need lipstick artists. Five years are enough for you to be a brand material and an international artiste but when you’re fixated with small things like red lipstick, you remain just a vixen,” he raged.

Will Sama Sojah lock horns with Sheebah on stage just to impress his new boss?

We wait…