CINDY LIED ABOUT US! Jackie Chandiru rubbishes Cindy’s claims about being fired from Blue-3 group as she sheds light on what happened

After almost 5 years without making any media interviews because of a drug addiction battle she was going through, celebrated local singer Jackie Chandiru has finally come out to clear the air on allegations that former crew member Cindy Sanyu was fired from the famous Blu-3 group.

It should be remembered that when Cindy made the decision to sing as a solo musician in 2008, she gave a couple of reasons backing up her move and one of them was that she was fired from Blu-3.

At the time of the allegation, it was hard to get a response from either Lilian nor Jackie as their manager by then refused them to engage the media.

Now after almost 14 years since Cindy’s claims, Jackie Chandiru has come out to give her side of the story and in it she pins Cindy for lying about what really happened.

While making her debut appearance on the Zzina station since her rehabilitation 3 years ago, Jackie said it was Cindy who fired herself from the group.

Jackie revealed that when their manager at the time gave them leave to go for vacation, Cindy surprised every one when she never came back for work after the one months long break.

”Cindy surprised every one when she refused to come back to work after a one months break that our manager had given to each one of us. we tried to convince her to come back to the group but i think she had already made up her mind to have a solo career” Jackie Chandiru gave a detailed explanation after being asked to clarify what really happened with Cindy