When 2019 was coming to an end, it was reported that former Blu 3 singer Jackie Chandiru was confined in hospital and was is a very terrible condition. 

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Well wishers like promoter Balaam Barugahara came on board to help raise medical bills for Chandiru who was reportedly being demanded a lot of money by the hospital but he was stopped by a family member saying they didn’t need anyone’s help.

The Ex Blu-3 star who has been in and out of rehab then disappeared. Chandiru who had been nursing a problem of drug addiction for a longtime was said to have been secretly flown out of the country by her dutch husband Nol Van Vliet.

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Apparently he took her out of the country so that she could get treatment.

But by the look of things, Chandiru is in now good health again and back with a bang!

She has already kick-started her music career with  a brand new dancehall jam, Quarantine.

Check it out;